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MMI is the official Komatsu dealer for Zimbabwe.

MMI will demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, both individually and as a firm, by actively participating in the communities and integrating sustainable business practices wherever possible. MMI will ensure accountability of the highest standards by meeting our customers’ needs precisely and completely.  MMI is committed to growing our team whilst maintaining our core values of being honest, hardworking and dependable people.

Komatsu Limited of Japan has been working in the civil engineering arena since 1921, marketing, servicing and supporting customers worldwide including Southern Africa.  This world-famous Japanese brand offers an extensive range of earthmoving, mining, construction, agricultural and utility equipment.

The Komatsu Africa Operations team is working hard with the MMI team to build the brand in Zimbabwe by growing and developing the customer base. 

This world-famous Japanese brand offers the following yellow mining, earth moving, agricultural and construction equipment:

Through strong customer relationships and a commitment to a high level of product support, in close partnership with Komatsu, MMI envisions to become the leading earthmoving and mining equipment supplier in Zimbabwe.

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MMI is located at 20 Aintree Road, Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe; where we have offices, workshop and storage facilities. MMI has a growing stock holding of parts with which to support the Zimbabwean customers.  MMI staff are busy servicing and providing aftersales sales support to existing and new customers to enable Komatsu’s customers to work to their maximum potential.

MMI established a South African division in order to improve our procurement and logistics’ requirements.The South Africa team is focused on supporting the Zimbabwe team as they focus on building relationships with existing customers, and growing existing customer satisfaction through efficient service, parts and equipment quotes and the supply of parts and equipment. Our South African office is located at 134 Kuschke Street, Germiston, Gauteng (within 2 km of Komatsu South Africa). There we have offices, training and warehouse facilities.

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Star Africa Corporation Limited was established in 1935 as a sugar refinery and has since grown into a leading manufacturer and distributor of food and other products in Africa.

Star Africa is an existing Komatsu client who purchased their first WA150-5 from the previous Komatsu Dealer in May 2018.  This unit has successfully been working in Star Africa’s yard for the last two years assisting with stockpiling and loading products for processing and transporting.

MMI have been supporting Star Africa’s existing unit with maintenance and servicing for the past few months while building a relationship between the two companies.  The relationship has grown to the point that Star Africa purchased a second WA150-5 in June this year.

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