Komatsu’s 51.5-tonne D275AX-5EO was made for any application requiring powerful dozing and ripping capabilities. The key dozer components are designed and manufactured to work together as an integrated package.

Smooth and soft operation
D275AX-5E0 utilizes a newly designed power train electronic control system. The controller registers the amount of operator control (movements of lever and operation of switches) along with machine condition signals from each sensor, to calculate accurately the control of the torque converter, transmission, HSS (Hydrostatic Steering System) and brakes for optimal machine operation. The ease of operation and productivity of the new D275AX-5E0 is greatly improved through these new features.

Monitor with self-diagnostic function
With the starting switch turned ON, the monitor displays P on the display, check-before-starting and caution items appear on the lower right part of the panel. If the monitor finds abnormalities, corresponding warning lamp blinks and warning buzzer sounds. The monitor displays engine rpm
and forward/reverse gear speed on the upper part of the monitor during operation. When abnormalities occur during operation, action code and service meter are displayed alternately. When a critical action code is displayed, the caution lamp blinks and a warning buzzer sounds to prevent the development of serious problems.

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SAA6D140E-5

Engine Net Power: 335 kW

Blade Capacity: 14.6 m3

Blade Width: 4440 mm

Blade Height: 1960 mm

Dimensions Height: 3990 mm

Dimensions Width: 4440 mm

Dimensions Length: 8995 mm

Vehicle Operating Weight: 51530 kg

Blade: SUT

Ripper: Giant Single Shank

Cab: Steel Cab


Grouser Shoe Width: 610 mm

Spec Catalogue No: CEN00098-03

Suitable For: Mining and heavy construction, waste management and infrastructure

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