Available in both excavator (backhoe) and face shovel configurations, our PC2000-8 is built for a range of different mining applications. Key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu and work together in an integrated package.

Fuel Efficient Machine
• Fuel consumption at economy mode 10% reduced (compared with PC1800-6)
• Achieved by total power management and advanced hydraulic system
• Hydraulic power loss reduced with advanced hydraulic system
• On-demand fan speed and engine output control system
• Equipped with electronically controlled variable speed fans

Powerful and Economical Engine
• Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 engine with an output of 713 kW (956 HP)
• Controlled by Efficient Power Management System
• Auto-deceleration and auto-idling system
• Two work modes; Power and Economy

Easy Repair and Maintenance
Low R&M Cost Sustained by Simplified and Reliable System with Long Service Life
• Simplified and Durable Structure
• Single engine and PTO drive two Komatsu HPV375+375 pumps
• Simplified travel unit with single motor (each side)
• Reinforced track components
• Long life oil and filters
• Extended life of rubber components achieved by lowering hydraulic oil temperature

Service Friendly Design
• Power Module Makes Installation and Removal of Components Easier, and Reduces Overhaul Hours and Cost
• Maintenance deck surrounding the power module
• Drain ports accessible from the ground level
• Concentration of filters
• Large fuel tank enables 24 hours continuous machine operation
• Auto-greasing system including bucket pins with 200 litre 52.8 U.S.gal grease tank

Operator Comfort
• Excellent operational visibility with extended front windshield and large twin wiper
• Extremely low noise and vibration
• Dynamic in-cab noise reduced to the same level as passenger cars
• Rugged OPG top guard integrated into the cab
• Easy-to-see and easy-to-use 7-inch TFT-LCD large monitor
• Comfortable air-suspension seat
• Automatic air conditioner
• Highly pressurized cab
• Bulkhead between Pump Room and Engine
• Emergency Stop Devices
• Interconnected Horn and Flashing Light

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SAA12V140E-3

Engine Net Power: 713 kw

Blade Capacity: 12 (BH), 11 (FS)

Blade Width: 626 (BH), 721 (FS)

Blade Height: 9235 (BH), 3190 (FS)

Dimensions Height: 7435 mm

Dimensions Width: 7490 mm

Dimensions Length: 13075 mm

Vehicle Operating Weight: 200000 (BH), 195000 (FS)

Blade: -

Ripper: -



Grouser Shoe Width: 810mm

Spec Catalogue No: CEN00130-04

Suitable For: Mining

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