This mining truck combines a Komatsu drive with a Siemens AC control and liquid-cooled insulated gate bipolar transistor inverter system for the highest available reliability. Hill-start allows the operator to start on a grade without roll-back, while traction control helps power through wet, muddy underfoot conditions. Oil cooled multi-disc brakes and retarders give operators confidence in their control and stopping ability, especially when fully loaded. A front-mounted elevating pantograph can be mounted to allow the 860E-1K to utilise electrified overhead trolley lines.

Productivity Features
• High performance Komatsu SSDA16V160 engine gross horse power 2014 kW 2700 HP
• 3469 kw 4650 continuous retarding capability
• Automatic retard speed control
• Traction (spin slide) control
• Komatsu designed application specific body
• Tight turning radius 15.5 m
• Payload metre IV (PLM IV)
• Hill Start

Komatsu Electric Drive Powertrain
Field tested in the toughest applications, Komatsu Drive is a unique system with features which come together to deliver higher reliability and superior performance in mining applications.
• Improved torque capacity
• Top speed of 64 kph
• Independent control of the rear wheel motors
• Siemens liquid cooled IGBT inverter system and traction control algorithms

Reliability Features
• Frame design optimised for 254 metric tonne 280 short tonne payload
• Komatsu drive transmission
• Simple and reliable hydraulic system
• Steering and brake accumulators
• Hydraulically actuated multiple disc wet brakes (all four wheels)
• Liquid cooled AC electric drive system

Environmentally Friendly
• Komatsu SSDA16V160 engine is compliant with current US EPA Tier 2 emissions regulations
• Low speed, High volume squirrel cage cooling blower for quiet operation and optimum cooling
• Less fluids compared to mechanical drive trucks

Easy Maintenance
• Oil cooled wet disc breaking system reduces wear and extends component replacement intervals
• Extended oil change intervals with oil reserve system
• Automatic lubrication system
• Eliminator oil filtration system
• Flange mounted rims with optional Komatsu smart rims
• In tank fast fuel system

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SSDA16V160

Engine Net Power: 1902 kW

Blade Capacity: 254 t

Blade Width: -

Blade Height: 6390

Dimensions Height: 7300 mm

Dimensions Width: 9390 mm

Dimensions Length: 14930 mm

Vehicle Operating Weight: 454363 GVM

Blade: -

Ripper: -



Grouser Shoe Width: 50/80 R57

Spec Catalogue No: AESS791-01

Suitable For: Large scale mining applications

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