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Types of MMI agricultural Machinery AVAILABLE in Zimbabwe

MMI dealer of Komatsu agriculture equipment in Zimbabwe that includes dozers, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, graders and utility vehicles.

Track & Wheel Dozers

Hydraulic Excavators

Wheel Loaders



Track & Wheel Dozers

In the agriculture sector, the first bulldozers were actually tractors that were altered to use in the plowing of fields in the early 1900’s. Track dozers are highly effective at taking over from traditional tractors once they have reached the maximum of their capacity generally due to the soil conditions.  Due to the higher power to weight ratio the track dozer is able to provide superior traction particularly in wet or swampy ground.  The tracks spread the weight of the dozer over a wider area providing the stability to keep working long after a traditional tractor would have had to stop.  On land which is difficult to work it is common for agricultural customers to even utilise dozers for ploughing. Another role for which a dozer is ideal is land clearing.  Pulling out tree stumps and moving the top layer of vegetation and waste materials to leave a field ready to plough and grow crops.


Komatsu hydraulic excavators are efficient multi-tasking equipment to have in an agricultural setting.  The most obvious roles for excavators as agriculture equipment is digging and loading as well as demolishing old structures.  Water management in the form of ensuring digging canals for water supply, effective drainage ditches, clearing ditches and canals as well as digging out watering holes for livestock are all relatively easy tasks for an excavator.  Utilising an excavator alongside a dozer for land clearing (removing stumps and clearing rubble) is an effective role for this strong and stable unit.


The articulated steering and centrally mounted cab provide greater maneuverability and safety for the people and animals in and around the wheel loader. With the front mounted bucket which performs as a scoop to lift and move loosely packed products this means they are equally suitable for moving soil, compost, wood chips, or agricultural produce around the farms or at the manufacturing plants.  The versatility of the Komatsu wheel loaders and the variety of attachments which can be fitted enables them to work in the forestry and cane industries moving, loading and unloading logs and unprocessed cane as well as utilising forks to move bales and other similar jobs.


The most obvious utilisation of Komatsu’s motor graders in the agricultural environment is for building new roads at the correct slope as well as grading existing roads to keep them smooth and functional.  One of the lesser-known roles of a motor grader in as agriculture equipment is to build drainage ditches to allow the fields to reduce standing water and waterlogged crops. Two other roles of a grader on a farm are creating a turn row (area for the plough to turn) and windrows (pile on the side of the road to prevent vehicles driving off the road).


Skidsteer loaders and backhoe loaders are the two utility vehicles in the Komatsu equipment portfolio. They are designed for easy maintenance and feature comfort and controllability, to the experienced and the novice operator alike.  These vehicles have vast utilisation capacities in an agricultural setting.  Moving sick animals, grading enclosures or roads, moving bales, feeding animals.  Due to the wide range of attachments for these agriculture equipment vehicles their uses are almost endless as an agricultural utility vehicle– augers, forklift attachments, hydraulic hammers and much more.