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MMI is proud to be the official dealer of a wide range of Komatsu mining equipment in Zimbabwe. The types of heavy equipment we sell for mining purposes include Komatsu bulldozers, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, graders, utility vehicles, rigid and articulated dump trucks.

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Track & Wheel Dozers

Track dozers are a very popular option worldwide due to their power and traction abilities but when it comes to mining; speed and mobility are often the critical factors that affect dozer choice by the customer. Komatsu wheel dozers have all the right attributes for mining and are a highly effective option when it comes to versatility. Wheel bulldozers have an articulated steering system which offers better manoeuvrability than a tracked dozer. A wheel dozer is often a good choice when pushing over long distances and the blade capacity isn’t in the higher percentage use category. Careful site condition consideration will determine your choice and affect overall productivity.  


Whether you need to work a shot face or load material into mining dump trucks, MMI has a range of Komatsu hydraulic excavators to suit your needs. Bucket loading ranges are between 2.1 m3 and 42 m3. Each model of the hydraulic excavator range has a selection of buckets available depending on the site conditions and requirements. MMI works together with both Komatsu and the client to ensure the correct Komatsu size excavator and relevant bucket is chosen.


Manoverability, speed to relocate to different load points on a mine and lower operating costs are key points for the Komatsu wheel loader. From the WA430-6 (172kW) to the powerful WA1200-6 (1316kW) with bucket capacities from 3.1 m3 to 20 m3 respectively, Komatsu wheel loaders serve the purpose. Wheel loaders have a variety of uses such as loading dump truck, clearing rocks and rubble, or transporting material around the mine site.


The maintenance of haul roads are critical on an operational mine. The Komatsu range of graders will ensure the roads are kept in optimal condition. A smooth, pothole and debris free haul road with correct drainage will ensure safety for the mining equipment, the operators as well as saving the mine money.


Komatsu articulated dump trucks (ADT) are fitted with the Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS) which does away with locking differentials and axles. This is the latest in technology and traction is improved giving the operator more steering control. These trucks are well suited to smaller mine sites or mine sites with tighter roads. Poorer conditions where haul roads are not flat and smooth are the correct applications as the articulated dump truck is designed to keep all 6 wheels on the ground.


The Komatsu rigid dump truck range offers payloads between 36.5t and 369.4t . The Komatsu Front Runner Autonomous Haulage System (AHS) has been implemented on mine sites across the world. As of June 2020, more than 3 billion metric tons of material have been successfully hauled since inception. With high operating weights, rigid dump trucks are better suited to mine conditions that have well maintained roads.