This 980E-4 haul truck is the largest in Komatsu’s mining truck line up and is rated at a nominal 369-tonne payload capacity. Powered by a 2495kW/3346HP engine, the truck was developed to pass match with larger hydraulic excavator classes and rope shovels. Vehicle systems are very similar in layout to Komatsu’s smaller mining truck models and are designed with inherent reliability in mind. Maintainability features ensure a minimal mean time to service.

Productivity Features
• High performance Komatsu SSDA18V170 engine gross horse power 2610 kW 3500 HP
• GE duel IGBT AC electric drive system
• 4476 kw 6000HP continuous retarding capability
• Traction (spin slide) control
• Automatic retard speed control
• Komatsu designed application specific body
• Tight turning radius 15.9 m
• Payload metre IV (PLM IV)

Komatsu Electric Drive Powertrain
With tens of millions of operating hours ,the Komatsu powertrain has proven efficiency in every application .
• Continuous propulsion and retarding up to an effective grade of 12%
• High torque for soft under foot applications
• top speed of 61 kph
• Invertex II control system with double stacked IGBT
• Fuel efficient Komatsu SSDA18V170 engine

Reliability Features
• Frame design optimised for 363 metric tonne 400 short tonne payload
• Simple and reliable hydraulic system
• Steering and brake accumulators
• Hydraulically actuated multiple disc wet brakes (all four wheels)

Environmentally Friendly
• Komatsu SSDA18V170 engine is compliant with current US EPA emissions regulations
• Fuel efficient engine
• Less fluids compared to mechanical drive trucks

Easy Maintenance
• Oil cooled wet disc breaking system reduces wear and extends component replacement intervals
• Automatic lubrication system
• Eliminator oil filtration system
• Flange mounted rims with optional Komatsu smart speed type rims
• In tank fast fuel system

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SSDA18V170

Engine Net Power: 2495 kW

Blade Capacity: 369.4 t

Blade Width: -

Blade Height: 7090

Dimensions Height: 8000

Dimensions Width: 10010

Dimensions Length: 15720

Vehicle Operating Weight: 625277 GVM

Blade: -

Ripper: -



Grouser Shoe Width: 56/80 63

Spec Catalogue No: AESS908-00

Suitable For: Large scale mining applications

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