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Our GD555-5 144kW grader ensures ease and safety in use by providing the operator with outstanding visibility to the blade and work surface areas. Komatsu’s unique dual mode transmission system allows the operator to select the full power shift option or the grader’s lockup automatic torque converter. All graders come standard with our KOMTRAX® remote monitoring and location system and are backed by our Southern Africa-wide service and support network.

High Performance SA6D107E-1 Komatsu Engine
Electronic heavy duty common rail fuel injection system provides optimum combustion of fuel. This system also provides fast throttle response to match the machine’s powerful tractive effort and fast hydraulic response.
Net: 144kW 193HP

Implement Control Valves
Designed and built by Komatsu specifically for motor graders. The valves are direct acting and provide outstanding operator “feel” and predictable system response for precise implement control. To help maintain exact blade settings, lock valves are built into the hydraulic circuits. Relief valves are also incorporated into selected circuits to protect the cylinders from over-pressurisation.

Versatile Moldboard Geometry
Komatsu graders feature a versatile moldboard geometry. Save time and money when pulling ditches by throwing the window to the right, not into the roadway – without narrowing the road bed. Its made possible by Komatsu’s extraordinary reach and aggressive blade angle. Ample clearance between the heel of the blade and the main frame even with the toe sharply angled down.

Easy Access to Service Areas
• Large hinged lockable doors are standard and provide easy access to the engine and radiator service points. Spin-on filters can be changed quickly.
• The fuse panel is located in the cab. Circuits and fuse sizes are clearly identified.
• The tandem oil check point is conveniently located at the end of the tandem.
• The service meter is located in the electronic monitoring system.
• Refueling from the ground is easy.
• Engine oil, hydraulic oil and coolant drains are in a position to be maintained easily.

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SAA6D107E-1

Engine Net Power: 144kW/193HP

Blade Capacity: 3.71 m

Vehicle Operating Weight: 17 065 kg

Suitable For: Construction

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