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The GD675-5 grader comes with a unique dual-mode transmission system capable of reducing fuel consumption by as much as 15%. The unit delivers superb grading performance and flexibility in operation thanks to its long wheelbase and conveniently small turning circle. High productivity rates are matched by top-class operator comfort. The GD675-5 comes with our KOMTRAX® remote monitoring and location system and is supported by our extensive Southern Africa-wide service and support network.

Get More Versatility
The GD675-5 attempts to get more versatility in the middle class graders which are used in various jobsites. With a variety of work equipment and stretched wheelbase that is easier to accommodate longer blade, all elements are enhance job efficiency. Moreover, the torque converter transmission provides easy control, resulting in more precise operation in any application.

Long Wheelbase & Short Turning Radius
The long wheelbase enables high levelling performance with a long blade and easier to set the blade position. Long wheelbase also contributes to expanding blade reach in combination with large articulation angle. Additionally the minimum turning radius still short with wide steering angle, serves high manoeuvrability.

Outstanding Power Transmitting System
The GD675-5 features Lock-up Torque Converter Transmission for pursuing ease of operation. This unique system provides both efficiency of direct drive and controllability of Torque Converter drive. With this outstanding power transmitting system, the GD675-5 delivers advanced productivity in any applications from fine grading to heavy grading.

Easy Maintenance Design
Accessibility to service areas
• Easy and more safety refuelling from the ground
• Large hinged service door serves wide inspection area
• Service meter is integrated with the machine monitor
• Distinguishable fuse panel in the cab
• Tandem oil check points is easy to access
• Spin-on filters for quick replacing
• Oil drains located near ground

Power train components
With a modular design, you can remove the engine, transmission
or final drives independently for quick service.

Disconnect switch
For inspection and maintenance, the batteries can be disconnected
with this switch when repairing the machine or checking

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SAA6D107E-1

Engine Net Power: 163kW/218HP

Blade Capacity: 4.32 m

Vehicle Operating Weight: 17 885 kg

Suitable For: Construction, road maintenance and SME mining

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