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Our 91-tonne capacity mechanical drive HD785-7 offers the highest brake retardation in its class and comes with Komatsu’s advanced transmission system for greater safety in all types of mining applications. Key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package. The unit comes standard with our KOMTRAX® PLUS remote monitoring and location system and are backed by our Southern Africa-wide service and support network.

Productivity and economy features
• High performance Komatsu SAA12V140-3 engine, Net horsepower 879 kw 1178HP
• Mode selection system with variable horse power control (VHPC)
• 2 speed selective reverse gears , RH and RL
• Anti-pitching 4 wheel oil cooled multiple disc retarder (AP-FOUR) retarder absorbing capacity 1092 kw 1464HP (continuous dissent)
• Automatic retard speed control (ARSC) standard

Harmony With Environment
• Komatsu SAA12V140-3 engine meets EPA Tier 2 emissions regulations
• Leadfree radiator
• Low operation noise
• Low fuel consumption

Operator Environment And Control
• Spacious cab with excellent visibility
• Ergonomically designed cab
• Easy to see instrument panel
• Synchronous control of engine transmission
• Advanced K-ATOMiCS with “skip shift” function
• Viscous cab mounts
• Electric body dump control
• Built in ROPS /FOPS , level 2 cab
• Parking brakes on 4 wheels
• Supplemental steering
• Pedal operated secondary brake

Easy Maintenance
• Oil cooled multiple disc brakes and fully hydraulic controlled breaking system
• Extended oil change interval
• Disc wheels (flange type rims)
• Electric circuit breakers

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SA12V140E-3

Engine Net Power: 879kW/1178HP

Vehicle Operating Weight: 163 780 kg

Suitable For: mining and quarrying applications

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