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Our 28-tonne capacity HM300-2R features a new technology Komatsu engine and exclusive advanced truck transmission system. These developments, coupled with our hydraulic braking and retarder systems, deliver unrivalled traction, braking power and safety in all types of operations. Key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package. The HM300-2R comes with our KOMTRAX® remote monitoring and location system and is backed by our Southern Africa-wide service and support network.

High Performance And Komatsu SAA6D125E-5 Engine
• Gross horsepower 254 kW 340HP
• Engine power mode selection system realizes both greater productivity and improved fuel economy
• Higher engine output and torque improve productivity in all applications

Differential Locks Provide Excellent Traction In Rough Terrain
The oil-cooled multiple-disc interaxle lock can be turned on and off during travel. In addition, the limited slip differentials prevent the tires on either side from slipping on soft ground for maximum traction.

Easy-to-Load Body
• Heaped capacity 16.6 m3 21.7 yd3
• Low loading height 2790 mm 9'2"
• High strength body constructed of thick wear-resistant steel having 400 Brinell hardness

Tiltable Cab Can Be Tilted Rearward
• 32 degrees to provide easy service

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SAA6D125E-5

Engine Net Power: 246 kW

Vehicle Operating Weight: 51 420 kg

Spec Catalogue No: CEN00206-01

Suitable For:

Payload: 27.3  tonnes

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