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PC600-8R1 SE

PC600-8R1 SE


Perfect for heavy construction, quarrying and demolition applications, this machine – also available in a short-stick high-breakout version – combines high productivity with lower ownership and operating costs. Key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package. The PC600-8R1 SE comes standard with our KOMTRAX® remote monitoring and location system and is backed by our Southern Africa-wide service and support network.

Ecology and Economy Features

• A powerful, turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled Komatsu SAA6D140E-5 engine provides 320 kW 429 HP. This engine is U.S. EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage 2 emissions equivalent.
• Economy mode Four-level Setting enables operator to select the appropriate Economy mode level
• to match production requirement with lowest fuel consumption.
• Electronically controlled variable speed fan drive
• Large hybrid fan
• Glasswool-furnished low-noise muffler and noise reducing cover around the muffler
• Economy mode improves fuel consumption.
• ECO gauge for energy-saving operations
• Extended idling caution for fuel conservation
• Auto deceleration and auto idling system reduce fuel consumption.

Productivity Features

• Increased arm dumping speed and arm speed of compound operation by arm regeneration circuit realize efficient loading operation.
• The lifting mode increases the lifting force by 17%.
• Pressing the Power Max function button temporarily increases the digging force 8%.
• Switch selection allows either powerful digging or smooth boom operation.
• Large Drawbar Pull and Steering Force provide excellent mobility.

Excellent Reliability and Durability

• Strengthened Boom and Arm
• Fuel pre-filter with water separator
• High efficiency fuel filter
• Water separator
• O-ring Face Seals, which have excellent sealing performance, are used for the hydraulic hoses.
• The cool-running hydraulic system is protected with the most extensive filtration system available, including a high pressure in-line filter for each main pump.
• Exclusively designed electronic devices have passed severe testing.

Maintenance Features

• Fan reverse-rotation function facilitates clogged radiator cleaning.
• Easy Detachable Radiator and Oil Cooler
• Easy Checking and Maintenance of Engine
• Work on Machine Slip-resistant Plates for Safe
• Large Handrail, Step and Catwalk provide easy access to the engine and hydraulic equipment.

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SAA6D140E-5

Engine Net Power: 320kW/429HP

Blade Capacity: 2 - 3.5 m³

Vehicle Operating Weight: 59 200 kg

Suitable For: Construction, infrastructure maintenance, demolition, recycling, agriculture, forestry, quarrying and SME mining

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