With bucket capacities of 6.4 to 7m³, our WA600-6R wheel loader is designed as a production loading tool and run of mine applications. As with all our wheel loaders, key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package.

High Productivity & Low Fuel Consumption
• High performance Komatsu SAA6D170E-5 engine
• Low fuel consumption
• Dual-mode engine power select system
• Automatic transmission with shift timing select system
• Lock-up Torque Converter
• Variable displacement piston pump & Closed-centre load sensing system (CLSS)
• Increased bucket capacity
• Long wheelbase

Excellent Operator Environment
• Automatic transmission with Electronically Controlled Modulation Valve
• Low-noise designed cab
• Electronic controlled transmission lever
• Modulated clutch system
• Electronic Pilot Control levers
• Pillar-less large ROPS/FOPS (ISO 3471/ISO 3449) integrated cab
• Easy entry/exit, rear-hinged door

Increased Reliability• Reliable Komatsu designed and manufactured components
• Sturdy main frame
• Maintenance-free, fully hydraulic, wet multiple-disc service and parking brakes
• Hydraulic hoses use flat face O-ring seals
• Cation electrodeposition process is used to apply primer paint
• Powder coating process is used to apply main structure paint
• Sealed connectors for electrical connections

Easy Maintenance
• Equipment Management Monitoring System
• Ease of radiator cleaning
• Modular radiator core system

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SAA6D170E-5

Engine Net Power: 396 kW

Blade Capacity: 6.4–7.0 m3

Blade Width: -

Blade Height: -

Dimensions Height: 4500 mm

Dimensions Width: 3540 mm

Dimensions Length: 11985 mm

Vehicle Operating Weight: 52700 kg

Blade: -

Ripper: -



Grouser Shoe Width: 35/65-33 36PR (L4)

Spec Catalogue No: CEN00209-01

Suitable For: Mining, quarrying and aggregate applications across coal and hard rock, stockpile and face-loading work

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