The agile WD600-6 comes with a low-noise, high-torque engine that greatly reduces fuel consumption while a large-capacity torque converter provides for maximum efficiency in the low-speed range. The cab area is the largest in its class and provides the operator with exceptional front visibility. Key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package.

Dual-Mode Engine Power Select System
This wheel dozer offers two selectable operating modes— E and P. The operator can adjust the machine’s performance with the selection switch.
● E Mode: Provides maximum fuel efficiency for general dozing.
● P Mode: Provides maximum power output for hard dozing operation or hill climb.

Automatic Transmission with ECMV (Electronically Controlled Modulation Valve)
Automatic transmission with ECMV automatically selects the proper gear speed based on travel speed, engine speed, and other travel conditions. The ECMV engages the clutch smoothly to help prevent lag and shock when shifting. This system provides efficient machine operation for a comfortable ride.
● Kick-down switch: Consider this valuable feature for added productivity. With the touch of a finger, the kick-down switch automatically downshifts from second to first when beginning the dozing. It automatically upshifts from first to second when the direction control lever is placed in reverse. This results in increased rim pull for better blade penetration and reduced cycle times for higher productivity.
● Hold switch: Auto shift is selected and if the operator turns on this switch when the lever is at the 3rd or 4th gear speed position, the transmission is fixed to that gear speed.

Engine Make: Komatsu

Engine Model: SAA6D170E-5

Engine Net Power: 393 kW

Blade Capacity: 8 m3

Blade Width: 5100 mm

Blade Height: 1470 mm

Dimensions Height: 4460 mm

Dimensions Width: 5100 mm

Dimensions Length: 9930 mm

Vehicle Operating Weight: 48100 kg

Blade: Straight

Ripper: -



Grouser Shoe Width: 35/65-33 24PR

Spec Catalogue No: CEN00367-00

Suitable For: Mining - haul road maintenance and construction, pit clean-up activities and stockpile management

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