Komatsu Grader GD675-5

The Komatsu GD 675 grader offers exceptional value and quality, making it an outstanding choice for various grading operations. Here are five compelling reasons why it stands out in the market:

Advanced Operator Comfort: The GD 675 has been designed with a strong focus on operator comfort. Its controls have been completely redesigned to a fingertip system, reducing arm movement by over 90%. This significant reduction in the need for physical movement helps to drastically lower the operator’s stress and strain, making for a more comfortable and productive workday.

Powerful and Efficient Engine: It is equipped with a powerful 218 HP Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine, which is EU Stage V certified. This ensures optimal fuel efficiency without sacrificing power, with a variable horsepower control that can be adjusted between Economy and Power modes depending on the task at hand.

Emissions and Aftertreatment System: The GD 675 features a cutting-edge aftertreatment system, combining a Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) with an integrated Komatsu Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. This system efficiently reduces NOx emissions while ensuring over 98% of KDPF regeneration is performed passively, requiring no operator intervention and not interfering with machine operation.

Innovative Dual-mode Transmission: Exclusive to Komatsu, the GD 675’s dual-mode transmission offers both a high travel speed to reduce fuel consumption and increased tractive effort for better control. This allows operators to switch between direct drive for efficiency and torque converter mode for enhanced control and power.

Auto Idle Shutdown: To further enhance its efficiency and reduce operating costs, the Komatsu GD 675 comes with an Auto Idle Shutdown feature. This function automatically turns off the engine after it idles for a preset period, reducing unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

These features collectively make the Komatsu GD 675 a top choice for those seeking a high-quality, efficient, and operator-friendly grader.

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