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KOMTRAX® – Wireless Equipment Monitoring System

KOMTRAX® is a cost-effective, machine management system which assists customers in ensuring equipment longevity and productivity, whether the customer owns one piece of equipment or a fleet.  The majority of Komatsu’s tier-3 construction machines (as well as the future model changes) have KOMTRAX® fitted as standard.  The utility equipment is also fitted with the system.

How do I get a KOMTRAX® remote monitoring system?

Komatsu’s KOMTRAX® is provided free of charge for the machine’s lifespan to assist customers and as part of the improvements regularly added to the company’s machines.  KOMTRAX® assists customers in reducing operating costs, while monitoring the machine to prevent failures.  The system manages equipment efficiency, productivity, reliability, and uptime enabling the customer to know the status and location of the machine throughout a specific time period.

How does this wireless equipment monitoring system work?

KOMTRAX® is based on satellite technology, which gives owners easy access to information required to manage single units, or fleets of equipment, in real-time via remote technology.  The location of the equipment is provided via a GPS satellite.  The equipment’s onboard system records and stores the data to send to the satellite.  The satellite then transfers the data to the KOMTRAX® data centre, which stores and distributes the information via customer or dealer internet access.

The web-based information is available to the user as required, maximising utilisation, reducing downtime and ensuring operating costs stay as low as possible.  The application is wireless, secure, and user-friendly.  Some of the information gathered by the system are:

  • operating hours,
  • time walking the unit,
  • average fuel consumption,
  • idling times,
  • time in relief mode,
  • lubrication levels,
  • water temperature and
  • machine hours. 

KOMTRAX® advises the user of routine maintenance needs. These readings are needed for timeous repairs and not after a machine has broken down.  The system can be accessed via computers, cell phones or tablets via the KOMTRAX® Mobile App.

What about KOMTRAX® PLUS?

KOMTRAX® PLUS is designed for large mining and production class machinery.  This advanced technology supplies the user access to machine-specific data via computer or cell phone.  The built-in telemetry technology enables evaluation of each machine’s condition and operation, as well as maximising availability by preventing unscheduled downtime and reducing repair costs.  This system is fitted on most haul trucks, dump trucks, mining excavators, mining wheel loaders and mining dozers.

Download a KOMTRAX® brochure for more information.

Komatsu is a global leader in the supply of Japanese-engineered mining, construction, earthmoving and utility equipment in Southern Africa. The MoJo Motor Industries (MMI) Team comes with over fifty years of combined experience in automotive, construction and mining equipment sales and support. MMI is the official Komatsu dealer for Zimbabwe. Please direct all your pre-sales or equipment enquiries on the KOMTRAX® wireless monitoring system to our professional staff.